Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Photo Commentary

This commentary is for the photos below this post.
Starting at the top left, we have Ralphie wondering how things escalated so quickly. I mean things really got out hand. America killed a man with a trident!

In the top right photo, we have the presentation of the 'Mighty Helmet of Holland' to the new Queen Sylvia. According to legend, she who wears the mythical Helmet is said to be granted magical powers - enabling the wearer to see through the darkness of night. Apparently the helemt also gives the wearer incredible powers of lubrication and endurance. We can only hope that such power will not be abused by the new Queen.

The bottom right photo, well there nothing interesting there. Just me entertaining Greece, or being laughed at...probably the latter.

And finally, In the bottom left we have the 'Triangle of Retardation'. The Triangle are commonly recognised as a European b-grade version 'Charlies Angels' that don't really do much of anything. One retard of note(please excuse the use of the term retard, it is not intended to offend) Ireland,(a.k.a Potato) bought 25kgs of potato for the thanks giving dinner...which had 14 people in attendance. Big up yoself Ireland! Bo Selecta!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Its a Celebration Bitches!

On Friday we celebrated 'Thanks Giving' with our neighbours + a few randoms, and o what a celebration it was. Kat pulled out all the stops in making what was an epic feast, cooking a mammoth sized turkey (+neck) and two pumpkin pies, among other numerous goodies. I won’t harp on about how delicious it was…but hey it was :-p

Doing the kiwi thing, it was our responsibility to supply the beverages (non-alcoholic of course) to the total amount of 64pound...yeah thats a lot of fizzy. The large amount of sugar seemed to create a negative effect upon some people though – resulting in mass crowd dispersal via three cans of cream.

Soon after, we all cleaned ourselves and headed into town, some of us to the sound of ‘Shapeshifter’ others to ‘drop down and get there eagle on’. Dan, Gerg and myself went to Stealth, obviously to see Shapeshifter and on walking into the room where they were playing we walked straight into P.Diggiss – non other than the frontman for SS. After a little chat about N.Z and The Illphonics we proceeded to represent on the dance floor like only Kiwis know how. It was also a buzz to see Tiki(singer from Salmonella Dub) there, who gave me a big nod and grin when he saw that I was wearing my ‘Overstayers’ shirt. Lovely. We arrived back to the neighbours at about 4.30a.m to consume some more turkey in kitchen smelling like bad milk – then Sarah and I attempted to watch Team America, both falling asleep at one stage or another. I then managed to crawl back to my room, as Ren was about to call me sometime from N.Z.

The rest of Saturday was spent crumpled on Sarah’s bed (my second home, as she has a t.v) watching the A.B’s beat Scotland – The road to Perdition, The Big Boss, Who wants to be a millionaire and so forth…The big T.V come down. All in all it was a wicked weekend. Full credit to the ref, our beautiful neighbours and Shapeshifter…God its good to be a kiwi.

Quote of the week goes to Kat for, "He dresses well while he orders murders." bizarre.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Many Faces of Hone Sapsford

I'm not sure why, but I have already collected a number of nicknames around Albion House. I'll go through them in order(with the photos), the first being the obvious 'Kiwi'. The next nick name and probably the one I like the most is 'Kanye' mainly because I'm down with Kanye. The title was applied to me by no-other than an American on our first night out and since then its kind of grown on me. In third photo I am in a towel, as there was a fire-alarm in which i was in the shower, so i jumped out, with towel on and met the neighbours. Roughly, about 50 of them, hence the nickname "towely". I like Towely, its kinda fun ;-) In the fourth pick I've of got on my formidable head piece, worn quite often - leading to the nickname 'hat boy'.

So there it is, only four nicknames so far - though I've recently unleashed Kinder Surprise to a very good responses. Thanks for that Ren. Anway, we are celebrating Thanks Giving with our beautiful lady neighbours, so look out for some random photos. Looking forward to eating some turkey and sweet pumpkin pie.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

All Blacks!

Whats better than beating the English at Twickenham, watching them lose in a pub full of poms and giving them absolute shit! We went to a pub on Saturday called 'Outback' (ozzy themed, though very few ozzies) to watch the game and were out numbered twenty-to-one, yet somehow we managed to outshout the poms through most of the game. How about that All Black defence! thats what I'm talking about. You can see me an Dan above in full war-cry! It was definitely a great time to be a kiwi anywhere in the world.

On wednesday I went ice-skating with the guys and our friendly 'female' neighbours. To be honest it wasn't half as difficult as I thought it would be, saying that, it wasn't really a walk in the park either. I managed to stay up on the ice the entire time, though I did need some assistance at one point, which came in the form of beautiful young woman holding my hand. (how romantic LOL) I can hear the laughter from here. All in all, it was a very fun night, and new experiences are what we are hear for.

Heres to the A.B's hitting that grandslam :-)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

We like Stellar

We like Stellar...a lot...nuff said. (photo compliments of Ralphie)

Random Photos & Random Story

The photo on the left was taken before Dan, Greg and I went out to watch our first All Black game on British soil. We went to the local, a place called the Greyhound, and meet some locals who were all very nice. The place resembled a pub in Lock-Stock. No pikeys to be seen though.

The photo on the right is me obviously licking the Beeston Bee-keeper. The place we are staying is called Beeston, and legend has it, The Bee-keeper saved the people from an attack of African Killer-bees sometime during the 1920s, hence the name change from Strangleton to Beeston.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Story So Far...

Well the story so far. Lets begin with the 27hours of flights. Yes it was long, yes at times uncomfortable but over all it wasn’t to bad. I’d highly recommend flying Emirates for the following reasons; the food was as actually edible (though the selection was limited to either chicken or fish), the entertainment (video & audio) had a huge and up-to-date selection. I watched the following movies in no-particular order, while flying; Hitch, Be Cool, Monster-in-Law, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Return of the King, War of the worlds, Kill Bill Vol2, and some new comedy with Drew Barrymore. I also managed to watch a few episodes of 8 simple rules, Samurai Jack and friends.

Of interesting note, on the last flight from Dubai to Manchester there was a rather drunk man, disturbing everyone within ten seat radius, singing (destroying) Queen songs with a very strong eastern accent while playing air guitar. That’s right…air guitar?

Moving on, we landed safe and sound in Manchester, hoped on a train to Nottingham, and from train to cab, cab to hotel, and hotel to bed.

We stayed at the Hotel in Nottingham for about a week while everything was being sorted out, which gave us a bit of time to explore the city. The best thing about the hotel was the buffet-ish breakfast in which we managed to stuff ourselves each morning. After one meal, Dan looked like he was going to pass out-literally (good effort there).

Now we are in our student dorms. They look like a fortress from the outside, but have a cosy demeanor and hard core internal heating, which is great for me as I don’t have a blanket yet ;-) Thank god mum got me that snug dressing gown before I left. We had our first night out on Friday at the student bar. After a quiet hour or so, I decided to go and chat to a random Canadian girl before we knew it, we we’re heading into the city, (where I managed to lose the team, but found home in the end).

Check out our new campus

These images are from Jubilee Campus, which is where we work. We are based here in the Mixed Reality Lab, surrounded by computer scientists. As you can tell by the name, we get to work un some pretty cool projects, of which I cannot disclose any information :-p

Here it is!

Well I've finally got this blog thing up, as I promised to many people that I would. So the story so far...