Friday, December 23, 2005

a bonsai, some water paints and a cell phone

Heres how I made this. Firstly I did a sketch of the Bonsai by tracing a shadow it cast onto my bedroom wall. I then painted the tracing using black watercolour paint. Finally, i took a photo of the painting using my cell-phone(which only takes 640x480resolution images) and edited this in photoshop. I used a simple two colour gradient for the background, then duplicated the photo of the painting, setting each layer to overlay - then I used the paint-daubs brush effect to get the final look. Yummy!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I recently bought a number of books and heres the list; Design for Impact(a book about airline safety graphics), TIBOR(about Tibor Kalman), The Tao of Jeet Kune Do(By Bruce Lee, nuff said), A Type Primer(By John Kane)Replay:Ultimate Games Graphics(the title sez it all) and lastly Philosophers Explore the Matrix(U like that Mr Prier!). Some of these books I purchased second hand and they were ridulously cheap e.g Tibor - its over 400 pages and hard-back - cost only 5pound(roughly $12n.z) so I had to buy it. A Type Primer, which is an excellent resource on type was also only 7pound($18n.z) niceone!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Quote of the Week

This weeks quote of the week comes all the way from New Zealand and its an absolute blinder, Cheers Ruth!

As for the "past " relationship history are we referring to the exchange student who you got so tangled up in fully knowing she was going home? Haha Jon you and your checkered past, yes you don't make it easy for yourself do you!! Go on score the lezzy just to add to the path of death and destruction you so heavily crave.

(J.R Asplin, Brutal Prose, 2005).

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Lincoln Markets Massive + Bonsai

So heres the latest. On Saturday we went to a massive Christmas market in Lincoln. The market was within what looked like a castle, but the main attraction is the massive gothic Catherdral at its heart. Its at the top of this hill, which takes about 15minutes to walk due to the massive amount of shoppers who resemble orcs marching on helms deep. Here I managed to find something I’ve always wanted, the Bonsai tree, which is pictured above. I haven’t named it yet – not sure why I have to, but apparently I do.

On Saturday night after-returning from the market we introduced our neighbours to a little drink that’s popular back home, none other than ‘the quick fuck’ and that was that. On Sunday I missioned into town to watch WhaleRider at some random cinema, and I’ve got to say it was quite the tear jerker – not sure why, as Id already seen it back home. I guess watching it in a cinema, surrounded by other kiwis and hankies made it all a bit more emotional. Anyway, enough of that nonsense, back to the photos. The others are from the market and of the Cathedral, enjoy.