Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Vienna Series - Numero Dos

Top images, more from taken at the Schoenbrunn. Thoses were taken from the very front of the palace just inside the gates. Gotta say once again how beautiful the place is...Vienna in fact is just so beautiful by the end of my first day there I was so overwhlemed and tired that I managed to go to sleep with a glass of red-wine in my hand. Unfortunately, the glass of red-wasn't in my hand when I came to my senses and instead was all down my leg and over the sheet LOL OMG. The woman running the place didnt to seem to mind that much though, and just said they'd do their best to fix it...ahahahah. The Bottom two images here where taken at the fountain in front of the Parliament building. One of many many many beautiful sculptures scattered across the city.

Monday, April 17, 2006

This is How We Do! - Hagenberg Ball

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Vienna Series - Numero Uno

OMFG - How amazing is Vienna! I'm gonna tell you. So far its the most beautiful city I've been to in all my travels(haha sooo many). But seriously, theres such an incredible amount of stunning architecture and sculpture - its really overwhelming. Okay, so pic details. Top left, I thought that this was a great place to break-out the scarf - this pic is taken at the Schoenbrunn, anyone going to Vienna has to check this place out - for me, it was the most beautiful place I visited. I could write all day about it, but instead I'll drop a link on the bottom of this post. Okay, Top Right picture, this of Hundertwasser-KrawinaHaus. Its a very strange and interesting piece of Architeture made by Friedensrich Hundertwasser.When looking at this up close, you've gotta wonder who gave this guy money LOL I was also told that later on in life he moved to our very own New Zealand and created a.....public toilet. check it - - I know...hmm. Okay Bottom Left, This is the City Hall. It looks even more spectacular by night, unfortunately I couldnt manage to hold the cam till for 2secs, so the night shots I took are pretty rank. Last but not least, this is pic was taken in Karlskirche Church. I've a hundert more pics and a lot more to write so I'll end part one here. Biggups to F - my personal tour guide, danke danke danke :-)

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Saturday, April 15, 2006