Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Big Update

I traveled to Berlin on Thursday the 9th June with Freyja to see some New Zealand band…I can’t remember their name but maybe Renee can figure it out(I put a few images here…hmmm). It was roughly an 8hour train ride from Pregarten(Austria) to Berlin(Germany) – which could have been long and tedious if it had not been for my laptop, some Jim Carrey and the bottle of red wine myself and Frey drunk on the way. Heading into Berlin, I was amazed and sorry to say Frey :-p but it is by far the most beautiful city I’ve seen…maybe it’s all the green, or the perfect fusion of the old, new, organic and mechanical that make the city so beautiful(or the red wine). Who knows, who cares…Berlin in the summer is stunning. The only minor annoyance being all of the soccer nuts spread across the city like some plague of drunken Neanderthals. Anyway…after finding our hostel – we headed into the city for a stroll, lovely lovely. So that New Zealand band, myself and Frey arrived at the place of the gig to see a massive line of ex-pat kiwis with a few locals in the mix – and quickly decided to head to the front, which was a good idea as there was a much much smaller line to the side in which ticket holders were allowed to enter. After situating ourselves in the best position possible(up front, but to the left a bit) Fat Freddy’s did what they do best and when they dropped. Don’t you love those subtle gaps in the sound that remind you you’re in Berlin, watching your favorite New Zealand band. I’m still coming down from the whole thing, and it was so surreal it almost feels like it never happened, some kind of strange post-traumatic Fat-Freddy’s syndrome. I’ve gotta big BIG-UP Fat Freddy’s for an unforgettable night, and also a massive thanks to Frey(MB) for organizing the trip which was disturbingly flawless. Home in three weeks…u know it feels soooo good, when I know you’re skanken with me. One more thing – Jamie just got engaged to Rach, awesome brother, big love, look forward to being the best man…Can you say….go on say it. Bachelor Partaaaay!


At 7:59 AM, Blogger Jstar said...

what can I say! You are one hell of a lucky bitch and about bloody time. Good on you brava and Jamie. Well I guess its goin to be ages for the next blog visit so have a safe journey home I'm looking forward to drinking lots of wine with you.

At 2:41 AM, Blogger Kaela said...

lol tru tru me too drink lost of wine haha! see ya soon


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