Saturday, October 07, 2006

Florence Day 02

Had a pretty good sleep last night, considering that it was probably about 30 degrees all night. The fan in the room helped, which I shared with four other random woman who were travelling together. I took a few photos around town, one was on some famous bridge, not sure why its famous though...just looked beat up to me. In the third foto down I'm in some gallery...the U...Uff...hmmm Uffizi...I'm not sure. There were a couple of cool pictures in there ;-)

Florence Day 01

I'm in Italy im in iTaly! iM iN iTAly I'm In ITALY!!!!!!! I'm in FLORENce!!!! OMG! Put it in tHe Air!!!! Florence Florence Florence...hmmm it's more grimey than I thought. Okay, find base, set up camp, then spread and conquer. So sosoo so so os os much to see so little time!!!! arrrrr I'm in ITALY!!! YEAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

Train Ride to Italy

As you can see free these shots the ride from Ober Oesterriech down to Florence was a visual baquet with terrain going from lush pastures to barren craggy landscapes. A great begining to my 5day solo trip to Italy, a place I've always wanted to visit since those Renaissance Art days at Ag. Massive thanks to Frey who helped me so so soooo much in organising this trip and making sure I got there and back in one piece xo ;-)